Sports at the Royal Oak

Being right at the centre of a village with a magnificent playing field with a
well looked after cricket pitch and training facilities, it is no wonder our
cricketers combine sports and leisure at the Royal Oak.
Our team consists of a good bunch of players who know how to enjoy life. Games always finish in our lounge, or even better; at our sheltered patio whenever the sun shines. The ideal place to host barbeque meals for the team whenever possible.

Another sports activity we love organising are our fishing trips, which take place at regular intervals throughout the year. We visit various lakes and have enjoyed some great overnight fishing adventures.

For years we have been sponsors of a huge sports event for Stoke St Gregory and the entire South West of England ; the Stoke Stampede. This 10k race runs past the front of the Royal Oak 3 times with a massive crowd creating a lovely atmosphere.